Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Sparrowhawk: Atangana Kouna breaks the silence on 'his flight'

Basile Atangana Kouna was before the judges of the Court of First Instance of Yaound√©-administrative center to answer the facts of "illegal emigration" which are accused of him. It was January 3.

According to the newspaper Kalara, which reports the minutes of this appearance, the former cador of the government of Cameroon rejects the charges of flight. "If I wanted to run away, I wouldn't leave all of my money in my bank accounts and my family here," he explains. I was going to a medical appointment in France ”. 

The ex-minister defends that since 2006, he goes to France every March for health reasons. And in March 2018, he had to undergo surgery. He also had, according to him, sent a request to leave the country, a few weeks before being dismissed from the government. 

“I had become an ordinary citizen. I was no longer subject to prior authorization to leave my hierarchy, ”said the former minister. 

He adds: “For reasons of convenience, I chose the route. I wanted discretion. I wanted to change my life, get out of the hell of fierce media. ” 

A few weeks after the government left on March 2, 2018, and even when indiscretions over his future arrest for embezzlement of public funds swell, Basile Atangana Kouna is picked up in Nigeria. This after having crossed half the country incognito.

The former minister, now incarcerated in Kondengui prison in Yaound√©, speaks of a "normal trip" with his private driver, his butler and a gendarme. 

The funny troop will take the road to the North. And everyone stop at Guider (North region). Basile Atangana Kouna will continue his journey with his butler only. 

On the entry visa to Nigeria, the former minister replied that he did not need it. His two passports (diplomatic and ordinary) gave him the right to enter Nigeria. This under a free movement agreement between Cameroon and this neighboring country. 

When asked why such a complex journey to France, Atangana Kouna l'che: “It was my choice. I could go on foot. It was to decompress. I first wanted to visit a friend in Nigeria. After France, I then had to go to South Africa ”.