Sunday, January 19, 2020

Souop Death: angry, Me Manu Pensy attacks Jean de Dieu Momo

The mysterious death of lawyer Sylvain Souop continues to raise questions in Cameroonian opinion. Comments accuse the ruling party of being behind this sudden death of the lawyer of Maurice Kamto.

Minister Jean de Dieu Momo who supports and defends the Biya regime 'at the cost of his life' has responded to the murder charges brought against the Biya regime and its intelligence services. 

But for Me Manu Pensy, close to the deceased, there is no harm in saying that the death of his friend and brother happened in troubled conditions. He finds that Jean de Dieu Momo goes beyond the limits with his remarks deemed incongruous on the death of Me Sylvain Souop.

According to the lawyer, his promiscuity with the CPDM, a party in power does not give him the right to comment on anything and anyhow without any respect for people and institutions. 

"Me Momo has been ridiculed by everyone on the web because he thinks that his coalition with the CPDM gives him the right to tell anything on the web ... He should know that he is one of our colleagues who died in troubled circumstances I was born in a family of doctors and I have never seen someone die from a broken arm after anesthesia, never !!! Me Momo tells too many nonsense; He talks about everything, no matter how and always too early! He would benefit from learning to keep quiet ... ", he declared sternly.