Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sonacam Crisis: Sam Fan Thomas explains what really happened

In an exclusive interview with the CRTV, Sam Fan Thomas, chairman of the board of directors of the National Society for Musical Art (Sonacam), explained the question of the distribution of copyright which divides the artists.

For the PCA, the advance in question is pay-as-you-go and it is a fair advance. 

Lebledparle.com offers you the whole of the man of cultures at the microphone of the CRTV radio.

The Board of Directors considered that everyone should be given the same amount while waiting for the real distribution to be made soon. The amount for each artist was 25,000 FCFA. 35 million out of 1416 artists, we made a fair sharing for everyone as an advance on the scores. It is done in other heavens. But what some take for little is a lot for others. We told the artists the truth. 35 million distributed for 1416 artists, everyone had 25 000f and that's an advance on distribution, there will be a catch-up distribution. Artists should know that there is CANAL + which now pays, they must also turn to platforms to view the works by setting up a distribution key; there will be a new distribution soon, I cannot give a date. The virtue of the future is to go towards new technologies that allow artists to be seen around the world ”

Source: Lebledparle.com