Saturday, January 4, 2020

Sociopolitical crisis: 'Francophones deserve Paul Biya

Anglophones have been resisting against one of the wildest and most terrorist dictatorships in the world for four years now, while Francophones, like zombies, have watched in spectator how the armed forces financed by their taxes massacre their innocent and not fellow citizens every day. weapons.

Despite the mobilization as one man of the English speakers and their popular and armed resistance, the French-speaking Cameroonians of Cameroon and the Diaspora continue to listen to the governing terrorists of Yaounde and to play their game. 

While the English-speaking area is in the war civil, this did not prevent the creatures of Paul Biya to accompany him in his electoral masquerade won in advance. 

And as in each of his re-elections with his accomplices Sindjoun Pokam, Shanda Tomne and others shaking the scarecrow of the bulu-beti-bamileke tribal conflicts, however all the main owners of the CPDM and the French-African Republic of Cameroon, Paul Biya came out of his hat, in the midst of the civil war, his servant and barron Maurice Kamto, with the mission of deflecting the political debate of the claims of anglophones, who are those of all Cameroonians, especially that of a new State, towards the fight for appropriation of the “national manger” that is the budget of the French-African terrorist state The Republic of Cameroon. 

Instead of fighting for a precise form of state, while the English speakers Sawa, Bamileke, Eton, Éwondo, Bulu and others showed the good example of a fight as a single man without distinction of tribes, Maurice Kamto is based on the pleadings of his lawyers, allowed by Paul Biya to be public and widely disseminated (further proof that the theater was well scheduled) to declare that he won the presidential election of 2018, without providing any evidence, including that signed polls from the polling stations, and he is denied his victory because he is “bamileke ne a Bafoussam”, and that these bulu who run the French Republic tell him where we are going to take the competition to become bulu. 

Clearly, while English speakers fight and sacrifice themselves to end the French state and for their flouted rights, Kamto's fight is tribal: after the northerners with Ahmadou Ahidjo for 22 years, and the bulu with Paul Biya for 36 years old, it's bamileke's turn now. This is how he ignited the uneducated politicians to follow his tribal war, which he knew well lost in advance like the elections, simply because both the CPDM party and the State the Republic of Cameroon are the co -property of the bamileke that count, namely the traders and the “elites” appointed by Biya.

And Kamto has succeeded, like his predecessors Fru Ndi, Ndam Njoya, Issa Tchiroma, Augustin Kodock, Sindjoun Pokam and others, in getting the attention of the Cameroonian francophones of the fight to lead to drive Biya out of power and end the mafia called the Republic of Cameroon. 

In the Cameroonian Francophone Diaspora it is the same thing, infested that it is by agents paid by Biya to destroy any resistance organization like that of Anglophones. 

How many times have I not traveled for decades in Europe to prepare, before that of the English speakers, the uprising of the Cameroonians of the country! And each time, we all agree, everyone struggles to have his name appear on the final resolutions, and the projects are still dead. Because many use their names at the bottom of the resolutions to go and offer their services as intelligence agents to the Biya regime, to the point where two of them, installed in Belgium, delivered Captain Guerandi Mbara to Paul Biya to be killed. 

Even when you associate with one of them after having believed his honeyed speech, even bringing your deposit so that he has the papers in addition to all your work in the fight, he comes behind your back to take loans and court your wife, relinquishing the burden of joint organization to you, which indicates that they are still Indians of Biya ready to sell you. 

French speakers deserve Paul Biya as president, because they are as false as him, his creatures. Anglophones deserve their own state, because they are the only patriots in Cameroon.

Journalist: Seme Ndzana