Sunday, January 26, 2020

Social injustice - Corruption: the revolt of Monsignor Emmanuel Abbo

In his homily, on the occasion of the celebration of the nativity, Msgr Emmanuel Abbo, bishop of the Diocese of Ngaoundéré paints a grim picture of the deep discomfort that gnaws at Cameroonian society. The highest Catholic authority in the Adamawa region has reviewed the evils that plague the social cohesion and political stability of the nation. The man of God had harsh words against irresponsible civil servants, impavid leaders, greedy men of God. If Cameroon is going badly today, it is mainly because of the social injustice that has made its bed, the feeling of inferiority, the poor living conditions that inhabit certain Cameroonians. Hunger, misery, crushing the poor, social injustice, corruption,

Emmanuel Abbo invites the Cameroonian people to stand up against this fact, to dismantle these frustrations which are threats to peace in Cameroon. Today, in the country of Cardinal Christian Tumi, more and more to feed themselves and their families is becoming a real feat. 

Monsignor Emmanuel Abbo, describes with verve and above all bitterness, the sufferings of the hungry and speaks for the voiceless. 

We offer you the whole of his homily 

There are many situations in our country which constitute a real threat to peace. These situations that we can list here in the form of questions: Can the children of the poor still hope to get a job in our country? Or can we pass a competition in this country, to hope for a promotion without having a sponsor? Can the poor still be treated in hospitals? Can the poor still register their land? Can the children of the poor have access to quality education? Can we still hope to receive a free service in our public or private services? Do pastors, priests and even bishops welcome, listen and serve their worshipers equally? Aren't some of the faithful victims of discrimination in the service they are entitled to expect from their pastors, from their shepherds?

How can we pretend to build peace in our country when certain Cameroonians have a bad heart because of the injustices of discrimination, of which they are victims, without forgetting their miserable living conditions which are a real dehumanization. How can we pretend to build lasting peace in our country when, because of corruption and the misappropriation of public goods, some Cameroonians can no longer receive the minimum service that is due to them? How to build lasting peace in our country, when certain faithful can no longer receive the advice, comfort, spiritual support, services they expect from their pastors, of their shepherds? Who do they ultimately turn to? In short, can we really collaborate in the construction of peace when we have pain in our soul or in our body? Or even when we are not even able to say that we are in pain, that we are forced to say that we are doing well, when we are doing wrong? 

Following the bishops of Cameroon, let us therefore ask this question my dear brothers and sisters. Am I not in my thoughts, in my words, in my actions, in my publications, in my interventions and my everyday behavior actor or accomplice of the rising hatred or anger in my country? By my way of life, I do not maintain these scourges, I do not arouse anger, so many things that seriously harm social cohesion? These behaviors, certainly are not to be generalized on all Cameroonians, all the inhabitants of Cameroon. Because we know that there are many souls of good will in public services as in private services, in families or wherever they are people who work, who pray for the construction of peace in Cameroon. 

Remembering the intersection of Abraham in favor of Sodom. The intersection in which God gave up on destroying Sodom, we mean that it is because of these people in our country who are praying, who are constantly helping to build peace, it is because of these people there, even if they are 50, 40, 30 or 10 out of the twenty million that we are, it is because of these people, that the lord continues to spare Cameroon, that the lord continues to bless Cameroon. 

The Christmas party invites everyone to be peacemakers in this country by welcoming the peace of the baby Jesus that we bring and by working to preserve it and disseminate it to us. Our collaboration with peace therefore consists in combating all the scourges that we have listed above and which are real threats to peace. This struggle for peace also requires that we anticipate certain behaviors which can generate hatred, generate anger, frustrations and dissatisfactions of all kinds, but rather maintain in us values ​​such as solidarity, fraternity, charity, forgiveness, respect for others, love in truth, honesty and so on.