Friday, January 31, 2020

Serail: France does not want Maurice Kamto, report says

On an international tour, Maurice Kamto had been welcomed in the USA by several American personalities. The president of Mrc is not so lucky in France. During the press conference held on Thursday January 31 in Paris, Kamto deplored the lack of support from France.

“We open doors less easily in France. Besides, it's not for want of hitting it. When you arrive at someone's house, it is they who open the door to you. It is not you who open. We have never stopped doing the procedures here, ”said Maurice Kamto, not without hiding his discomfort. 

Indeed the unhappy candidate for the presidential election of 2018, was shown several times cautious by raising the subject. These words were regularly sparse with a few seconds of silence as if the imminent jurist was searching for his words. 

Maurice Kamto, however specifies that he does not expect France to help him become president of Cameroon. For the president of the Mrc, the attempts to get in touch with France are not aimed at gaining power. "We have always said that the change in Cameroon depends and will depend on Cameroonians," he said.

The aim of Mrc's approach is to explain to Cameroon's friendly countries and to the great powers, the hidden truths of Cameroon. Because according to Maurice Kamto, the Cameroonian government has hired the services of American pressure groups in order to polish the image of Cameroon in the international media. 

Maurice Kamto deplores the attitude of France and he evokes it subtly. 

"Everyone told us you are wrong to boycott to the point where a French parliamentarian visiting Cameroon has allowed himself to make such a serious interference in the internal affairs of our country by saying that this political party will have an interest in going to the elections. We are always wrong not to go there. We have to be serious for a moment, ”he said.