Monday, January 20, 2020

Scandal in FECAFOOT: a team admitted fraudulently into the 1st division

The Cameroonian football federation (Fecafoot) has adopted a special ploy to dribble two sentences from the sports justice rendered against it.

The Transitional Technical Committee (CTT), a new body set up by Fecafoot to manage professional football after the suspension of the Specialized League led by Pierre Semengue, has decided authoritatively that the club of Astres de Douala, resident of the professional championship Elite two, will play next season in the upper division, "whatever his classification in the Elite two championship in which he plays this season". This decision was solemnly announced by Alim Konate, president of the CTT, on January 16, 2020 at the headquarters of Fecafoot in Yaoundé during a press conference. 

"It is a solution which, perhaps, is not the best but, it is the best which we found to answer the problem which was posed" justified Alim Konate. Pending the reaction of the union of professional clubs, this decision taken unilaterally goes without doubt killing the stakes and encouraging cheating, with a team from the Stars which will transform at one point, into a good distributor of points to teams threatened with relegation. "Before the start of the season, it was decided that the last four clubs in the ranking of the Elite one championship at the end of the season will be relegated and that the first two in the ranking at the end of the Elite two championship, will go up for a championship at 16 clubs next season.

Now that the organizers have decided to declare Astres FC already admitted before term, this risks creating other problems at the end of the championship. I believe that Fecafoot would have won if it had agreed at the outset to reset everything by simply applying the court decisions rendered before the start of the season "think Roger Noah, president of AS Fortuna de Mfou, Elite club one. The Fecafoot grants a special status to the club of Astres de Douala, because it refuses to execute two sentences of the Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration (CCA) of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon (CNOSC). 

2 Before the start of the 2019/2020 professional championships, the CCA had ordered the maintenance of the clubs New stars of Douala and Astres de Douala in Elite one against the opinion of the Cameroonian Football Federation which relegated them to Elite two … If the CTT finally found common ground with Dieudonné Kamdem, the president of the Douala Astres, he appealed to the Arbitration Tribunal for Sport (CAS) concerning the sentence concerning the case of New stars of Douala. The CAS has not yet decided. In the meantime, New stars is boycotting the Elite two championship, which is now in its 15th day.