Saturday, January 25, 2020

Samuel Mvondo Ayolo chose not to follow in the footsteps of his boss Paul Biya

The director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic does not seem to follow in the footsteps of his boss Paul Biya, head of state. It has entered the history of those who do not support criticism or the slippage of language. We learned that this regime baron had journalist Martinez Zogo, a presenter at Amplitude Fm, imprisoned in a cell of the State Secretariat of Defense responsible for the gendarmerie. Sources say the DCC accuses him of defaming his wife. This situation, which created an outcry, invaded the canvas and made hot throats.

Was it appropriate for the DCC to make this arrest? Why does he not follow the example of his boss who made silence a real strike force? Does showing your power come down to arresting a journalist? Does he not see that this arrest could rather interest the media to dig deep? No sir DCC. Know that if President Paul Biya who is the number one in this country arrested all those who defamed him, all journalists in Cameroon would find themselves in prison. What Martinez Zogo has done takes nothing away from you or your wife.

What is certain is that a few days ago, the head of the Civil Cabinet had been cited in a building case with the Director of the CNPS and did not make any arrests on the part of the media which has processed this information. Why only bother about this journalist? Who on appointment was considered a messiah because of his balanced nature will take a serious blow with this case.