Friday, January 10, 2020

Revelation: Here's why Seta Kevin was beheaded

According to a well-informed source close to the Cameroonian army who requested anonymity, Seta Kevin, the corporal-nurse of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) whose image of the beheading has toured social networks on December 23, 2019, was killed by the terrorist militias of the Yaoundé regime. These are the death squads suggested by the Cameroonian secret services (including the Military Security) whose aim is to assassinate civilians and soldiers with decapitation, film, spread the images on social networks and pretend that they is a crime of armed separatists for propaganda purposes.

Indeed, the source tells us, Seta Kevin lived in perfect harmony with the populations of Mbengwi (northwest English-speaking), some of whom are also members of the independence forces. Last October, he was there to recover from a big wound which he contracted on his right foot: "it was one of his comrades in arms who shot him because suspected of be close to the Ambazonians, ”says our informant. 

After 3 weeks spent with his family in Mbengwi, the source continues, Seta Kevin has received orders from his hierarchy to go back to Bamenda where he will then be assigned to Yaoundé. Seta Kevin did not comply. Hence his arrest and his detention for 2 weeks (during November 2019) in a military camp in Bamenda: "during his detention, his phone was confiscated and combed through in order to verify if he has received or will receive the the slightest phone call or Whatsapp from an Amba Boy. It was not the case. That's why he was released. He went back to Mbengwi ”. 

According to our source, Seta Kevin was killed by the Yaoundé regime because he suspected he wanted to desert the army. Indeed, explains the informant, Seta Kevin had obtained a tourist visa for Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates where he had to apply for asylum. When he was kidnapped by the regime's "criminal brigade", Seta Kevin was on his way to Douala to take his flight. It was under these circumstances that on December 21, 2019, he was killed and beheaded.

Credible or not, this testimony from our informant does not comfort us any less in our previous writings: the assassination of medic-corporal Seta Kevin shows traces of criminal knuckles from the power of Yaoundé. The proof is that the very first people to share the image of the torture of this young soldier are the agents of this assassin regime on social networks such as Nkonda Titus aka Ma Kontri Pipo Dem, Roland Mua (both close to Atanga Nji), Patrick Duprix Mani, Patrick Mballa, Armand Willy, Rolly Londell Klein, Hervé Parfait Mbapou (friend of the criminal Joël Emile Bamkoui, boss of Military Security). The latter hastened to attribute this criminal act to the armed separatists, the objective being that the international community classify the independent independence armed groups as terrorist organizations. 

Several officials and men in uniform (soldiers, police, gendarmes, prison guards), native English speakers, are increasingly targeted by this criminal brigade because the family ties with their brothers who are fighting for their autonomy make them supporters "Ambazonians". Prison guard Florence Ayafor suffered the martyrdom. She who was slaughtered on September 29, 2019 by the criminal militia of the power of Yaoundé. His only crime: to have given his attention to the prisoners of the English-speaking crisis detained in Bamenda.

Journalist: Michel Biem Tong