Friday, January 10, 2020

Resolution of the Anglophone Crisis: the USA entices Cameroonians

On December 05, 2019, at the time when the Cameroonian people were preparing for the holiday season, at the Ministry of Mines, the Frenchman Eramet signed with the Cameroonian government an agreement on a rutilated block of Akonolinga. A strategic raw material, Cameroon has the second largest reserve of minerals used in the paint, plastics, paper, food and other applications industries which demand a brilliant white color. This agreement is part of the logic of those signed 60 years ago by Amadou Ahidjo at the time of independence, "All strategic raw materials belong to France except those it does not want".

Several fauna reserves including Edéa, Kimbi, Santchou would belong to France according to the colonial agreements of the 60s for a period of 90 years, the list is long. Paul Biya went further by giving Bakassi oil to France (Perenco) while reassuring Paris of the non-negotiable nature of the state. 

Indeed, since independence, Paris has managed to break the autonomy of management of English-speaking Cameroon today baptized Ambazonia by the secessionists. Faced with the intransigence of the neo-colonial government on the demand for an inclusive dialogue on the form of the state, the English speakers took up arms. 

Faithful to its alliance with the neo-colonial regime, France wasted no time. In 2018, it made an interest-free loan guaranteed by the French state of 100 million Euro, which made it possible to recruit more than 8,000 soldiers in the Cameroonian army, a large part of which will be assigned to NOSO. A month after the interest-free loan, it was under the protection of the French secret services that the Cameroonian minister of French administration went to France not alone for instructions, especially to reiterate to France 24 the non-negotiable character of the form of the state despite the outings of Dion Nguté recording the debate for federalism during his tour, or Peter Mafani Mussongue in a report from the commission for bilingualism. 

"We only burn houses where we find weapons," General Melingui told AFP after revelations about human rights violations in Noso. 

By going to the presidential elections, Maurice Kamto demonstrated in the eyes of the whole world, the outcast character of the Biya regime. It was on the basis of the unsigned reports that the constitutional council declared Paul Biya victorious in the elections, results showing scores exceeding 100%. Faced with peaceful protests by Maurice Kamto and the members of his coalition, the police fired on the demonstrators and thrown in prison then brought to the military court more than 300 Cameroonian civilians because they protested peacefully against the electoral holdup. A flagrant violation of human rights and freedoms decried by the United States, and supported by France, which reassured the regime of the media blackout on the post-electoral crisis in Cameroon.

An adviser to the French Embassy in Cameroon had asked Moretti Du Pont during his visit to Cameroon to tell Kamto to give up the fight against the holdup so that Paris ordered his release. 

To guarantee its interests in Africa, France does not hesitate even if we have to go as far as the Genocide. In one day she massacred 2000 Ivorians in the locality of Duekoue,. She killed more than 500 thousand Cameroonians in Bamileke countries while the population of Cameroon was barely 4.5 million inhabitants. On December 31, 2019 the president Biya reaffirmed his determination to continue with repression, opposing any debate on the form of the state. 

"The English-speaking crisis is a direct threat against Francafrique that is why the Ambazonians will be fought until the last energy unless a power more powerful than France comes into play and that the French-speaking Cameroonians understand that it is also a struggle of emancipation for all Cameroonians and not only for Anglos "Explains Bobby Laroche Fobang Nkabyo of Cameroonian civil society who specifies on the misery of Cameroonians" In reality if Cameroon had remained under the entirely German or Anglo-Saxon culture we would be a real African power but the passage of France here has relayed us and kept us in the club of the poorest countries on the planet. » 

The Russians 

Russia has a sacred principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of countries. Its relations with the Cameroonian people materialized in the war against Boko Haram. At the first Africa-Russia summit in St Petersburg, when Putin hoped for the dean of African heads of state, Paul Biya refused to go there because he was waiting for the French foreign minister, worse, Dion Nguté preferred to send the Minister of External Relations, Moscow responded by bringing down the Cameroonian flag, Le Jeune Mbella was dismissed from the room during the meeting of heads of state. The Gambian political crisis marked by the departure of Yayah Jamey had shown Africans that beyond the agreements signed by the leaders,


When your economic partner, the first creditor who finances 70% of infrastructure projects, stops all disbursement a year before the elections, it is clear that this partner no longer wants you. Only, China has a duty of non-interference in the internal affairs of countries. 

The USA 

Self-proclaimed gendarme of the world, since the beginning of the crisis, only the Americans have openly displayed their determination to stop the killings in the NOSO, more than 12,000 dead according to certain agencies, to make heard the popular will, to restore the rule of law . Unlike France, which is hostile to federalism in Cameroon, the United States has noted the will of the people to take charge. The Cameroonian people see America and Tibor Nagy as the only allies capable of bending France and the neocolonial regime which together have corrupted most of civil society, political parties and faith-based organizations.