Friday, January 10, 2020

Read what the striking doctoral students said to Dion Ngute

According to our sources, the latter who claim nearly 8 billion CFA francs from the State of Cameroon which abandoned them after having received their money were received by the Prime Minister's technical adviser: Etoa Etoa Jean Bosco. Here is the epitome of the message they delivered:

“Mr. Technical Advisor, 

Thank you for the opportunity you are offering us today. Let me 

give you a brief overview of our situation. 

We responded to a call for candidates in the professional doctorate cycle launched by the University of Yaoundé II and were selected according to the criteria established by said university, as evidenced by correspondence N ° 059 / UYII / VREPDTIC / Cab addressed to the 'former rector of late memory, by the current rector of the University of Yaoundé II then vice-rector In charge of Teaching, Professionalization and Development of ICT. 

In addition, we were compelled to pay into the books of the University of Yaoundé II the sum of Fcfa. 1,500,000 (One million five hundred thousand) per year for three years, in payment of tuition fees, for a total amount of Fcfa. 4,500,000 (four million five hundred thousand). Sum of which some have paid in full and others partially.

Mister the Technical Adviser, the payment of this sum was not for us a sinecure. Some had to contract debts with local financial institutions, others drew on their savings, others, on the other hand, used loan sharks to meet the university's very tight deadlines, like the press release. N ° 16/004 / UYII / FSEG / VD-PSAA by the dean of the faculty of economics and management at the time, and many others. In addition to these gymnastics performed to collect said funds for a fee, we have committed substantial sums to carry out our research work. 

Mr. Technical Advisor, since the controversy over the professional doctorate, we have not stopped asking the administrative and university authorities to have our case dealt with. The other state universities which also housed the professional doctorate simply obeyed the directive of the conference of rectors requesting the payment of former professional doctoral students into a PHD doctorate. In the specific case of the University of Yaoundé II, the rector saw fit to set up an ad hoc committee which proceeded to a new selection of candidates previously registered in professional doctorate. The work of this commission will result in decision N ° 2019/459 / UYII / VREDPTC / VRR / CRME / SG / DAAC authorizing certain candidates previously registered in professional doctorate to apply for registration in the first year of a PHD doctorate at the University of Yaoundé II . In this list will appear the name of Mr. NGOUMOU Gilbert by which the controversy arose after the defense with brio of his professional doctoral thesis, which will again be authorized to take an enrollment in the first year of a PHD doctorate. We remind Mr. Technical Advisor that Mr. NGOUMOU Gilbert, our comrade holds a professional Master II in strategy, defense, security, conflict and disaster management (CREPS UYII) like many others sidelined by said decision. 

Disillusioned, disillusioned, and deeply frustrated by the intellectual dichotomy between the hollow speeches of the desires for emergence of a country strongly behind in many aspects of its economic, technical and technological development, but paradoxically animated by inexplicable counter actions, we, group of former professional doctoral students from the University of Yaoundé II initially opted for the reimbursement of pensions paid into the funds of the said institution. Many individual correspondence having been addressed to the rector in this sense without any return. Mr. Technical Advisor, if we can no longer trust our country, where would we go to live? If we are treated in our country as less-than-nothing, Who are we going to turn to? If we are abused in full knowledge of everyone without anyone being outraged, what should we do? 

Mr. Technical Advisor, the damage to us caused by this situation is immense. We are still paying the price for this situation. Some have seen their households broken up due to over-indebtedness leading to a drastic reduction in the standard of living; others sacrificed their positions to complete their work on time and many more. 

Rendered to date, Mr. Technical Advisor, we mainly have three types of desiderata.

The first group claims the transfer to the PhD doctorate with reimbursement of the overpayment. Or the reimbursement of the remainder of the amount paid for the payment of the professional doctorate deducted from the pension of the doctorate phd of Fcfa. 50,000 (Fifty thousand) multiplied by three years. 

The second group simply claims the transfer to the PhD doctorate with a defense program for their research work. Two cases arise in this group. The first promotion of the FSJP having started training in 2014 requests the transfer with immediate programming of the defenses; and the only promotion from the FSEG and the second promotion from the FSJP having started in 2015, is demanding repayment with a year of moratorium to complete their research work. 

The third group is claiming reimbursement of their fees paid, since most of them have already taken doctoral enrollments in foreign universities. 

Here in a few words, Mr. Technical Advisor, the situation of professional doctoral students from the University of Yaoundé II. 

We thank you".

Journalist: Boris Bertolt