Saturday, January 18, 2020

Pray for Kennedy Issa! Advise to parents - reach out to your doctor quickly whenever you child complains of pain

A Kenyan critically affected by stomach cancer. His mother never know at the right time because Issa was complaining of stomach upsets. Till the cancer hits the pick. 

A good Samaritan, Haron Kwama had shared on his social media handle while he pleaded with his followers to pray for Issa and also reach out to him financially.

"Kennedy Issa started complaining about stomach upsets in December 2018. But it was later known to his mother that Ken had stomach cancer in 2019 May.

Since then, it has been nightmare for the single mother since she had to leave her casual jobs to take care of his ailing son.

Kennedy's stomach has been and every time he dispenses wastes, its a nightmare. He cries from the excruciating pain.It broke my heart when his mother told me that from January she has been looking for money for surgery.

Her son is bed ridden and all she can do is just watch her,change his dipper, wash him and at times feed him. The agony that feels the room that Kennedy is in is much.

May God the Most High heal him, Amen..