Thursday, January 30, 2020

Police forbidden teachers from paying last respect to Boris Tchakounte, killed by his student

According to the information which reaches us at the moment, the thousands of teachers gathered around the body of their colleague coldly murdered at the Lycée of Nkolbisson by his pupil today imprisoned in the central prison of Yaoundé Nkondendui, under the leadership of Jacques BESSALA the President of the collective of indignant teachers have planned to make the route which goes from the Morgue of the CHU then the ENS of Yaoundé and the Minesec before landing at the Chapel of Messa in order to pay a vibrant tribute to Boris Kevin TCHAKOUNTÉ NJIOMI. Despite this opposition, Jacques BESSALA is currently demanding against the Police that the itinerary be respected.

Following this, the police forces oppose and to this funeral procession requesting authorization to occupy the public highway. 

The students of the Lycée de Nkolbisson are absent from this tribute to because they would have been threatened with final exclusion if they were absent from the lycée.

Source: The TGV of info