Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Penda Ekoka named the incompetence of the Director General of Taxes

Christian Penda Ekoka in an interview with Cameroon Liberty revealed the inability of public finance officials in the country to broaden the tax base pushes the Tax Department to exert very restrictive tax pressure on the few existing businesses.

Already in 2018, the president of GICAM launched an alert: “… the annual meetings in the city of Douala in the presence of the Prime Minister, head of government within the framework of the Cameroon business forum (CBF), a platform for public-private dialogue for the improvement of the business climate, are more and more boycotted by economic operators because the resolutions adopted by common agreement, are almost never put into practice by the government. " 

The Permanent Consultative Committee and the Committee to support the instruction of remedies, and neither works. And this was reminded to Minister Louis-Paul MOTAZE, during his visit to GICAM last September, in the presence of the DGI, well called in his chair in the room. 

This meeting allowed business owners to remind MINFI of the difficulties they were facing in an exacerbated security context, a currency crisis, an accumulation of domestic debt, a structural adjustment that does not say its name ... in short, a context that calls for a strengthening of the State-Private Sector partnership so as not to add to the perceptible deterioration of the business environment. 

And if we want to give ourselves the chances of reaching emergence in 2035, we must be able to generate growth of the order of 9 to 12% / year over a period of at least 15 years. And who better than the private sector, and therefore companies in the formal sector can contribute? This is the real problem which does not seem to be understood by all.

Elsewhere, and not far from us, in Senegal, in Ivory Coast, we understood this and we lowered the tax pressure while working to broaden the base. And it produces the results that we know and which are hailed. 

At our DGI, we opted for laziness, by putting all the pressure on targeted companies, especially the biggest contributors who are inflicted with unimaginable and insane adjustments, to force them to go to litigation. 

And from procedure to procedure, they are extorted from guarantees that the DGI quickly registered as state revenue, inflating its performance in passing, whereas in a modern context, these sums would be paid into a Caisse de Deposits and Consignments. 

So here is the man who is so much vaunted and who would be a genius, the rare pearl, but who has rather succeeded in the EXPLOIT OF RETURNING MANY COMPANIES IN THE INFORMAL TO ESCAPE FROM THE CAUDINE FORKS OF THE MAGICIAN MOPA.