Monday, January 13, 2020

'Paul Biya wants to see the war endure in NOSO'

The now ex-journalist at CRTV said that Paul Biya is not giving the best of himself to stop the English-speaking crisis. He expressed his sentiment to the colleagues of the Cameroon newspaper in these terms:

“My intimate conviction is that Paul Biya wishes to see the war in the NOSO continue. Otherwise, how can we understand that he wants, against all odds, to organize the elections in such a context? Above all, a real national dialogue is essential. 

The release of English-speaking political leaders is a categorical imperative. The other political prisoners have no place in our jails. Revising the electoral code can help to soften the cloudy atmosphere in Cameroon. The augurs announce that to hold the elections of next February 9 in Cameroon would be suicidal for Biya and its mode ”.

While some claim the postponement of legislative and municipal next February, the President of Cameroon remains determined to organize it and Cyrille thinks that common sense is enough to understand. According to him, Paul Biya has drawn the devil enough on the Cameroon wall. Now that this devil is already in the house, he refuses to face the truth. There is no shame in knowing that we have made a mistake.

He specifies on the double ballot: "To hold the legislative and municipal elections in the current state would be to act the partition of Cameroon. It may allow it to strengthen security in the NOSO. But we realize that he is more a great talker than a great maker. Wanting to exclude opposition from the democratic game swallows Biya back to the rank of stupid and dark dictator. Better late than never. I can't wait for God to speak to him for once and ... finally be enlightened by an ounce of reason. Too bad it unfortunately has very bad relationships with common sense which, according to RenĂ© Descartes, the famous philosopher, is the thing of the world most shared.