Monday, January 13, 2020

Paul Biya looking for funding for his projects

In this program, we note for example the construction of the Yoko-Ntui-Tibati road. This project concerns the Center and Adamawa regions. In order to facilitate transportation, you have to asphalt a length of 393 km. This road, which will cost 196.5 billion FCFA, will provide an alternative link between South and North Cameroon. There is the asphalting of the Bakebe-Fontem-Dshang road and ramps. The project will be carried out in the departments of Manyu and Lebialem in the Southwest region, and Menoua in the West region.

The development of the Bakebe-Fontem-Dschang and bridges road axis is 95.5 km long. This axis will link several localities very active on the agro-industrial and economic plans of Cameroon. The densified APS study report is available. The cost of the project is 67 billion FCFA. The government is also planning the asphalting of the Kumba-Mundemba road over a length of 98 km. The project amounts to 49 billion FCFA and is located in the Southwest region. It will open up the Bakassi border area. 

The asphalting of the Maltam-Fotokol road and the Bodo-Makary-Hile-Alifa-Karena-Katekime ramp are planned. The project is located in the Far North region and links the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the Republic of Chad through the Republic of Cameroon. It is the asphalting of 143 km including 73 km for the Maltam-Fotokol section and 70 km for the rest. Among other objectives, note the opening up of the Lake Chad area and the strengthening of sub-regional integration. The total cost of the project is around 72.6 billion FCFA.

The government is interested in the Song Dong hydroelectric development. The project is located in the Littoral region. The power of this important work is 280 megawatts. If this project is carried out, it will increase the rate of supply of electrical energy and reduce energy costs at the level of households and industries. The project will cost FCFA 184.2 billion. The government's agenda the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Mbam river with a power of 225 MW, as well as an energy evacuation line. The cost of the project is estimated at 230 billion FCFA. 

To densify its production, the extension of ALUCAM is necessary. The project is located in Edéa in the Littoral region. This involves building two additional series of Ap37 technology electrolysis around the factory located in Edéa. The project consists in particular of the construction and operation on the Nachtigal river, near Ntui, of a hydroelectric power plant of 300 MW. After this work, national aluminum production could reach 300 Kt per year. Environmental studies completed. The cost of the project is estimated at around 650 billion FCFA.