Wednesday, January 1, 2020

'Paul Biya has nothing more to offer in Cameroon'

The tone was grave and the words well chosen. Maurice Kamto, the president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc) who chose to address his compatriots on December 31 as a head of state, questioned the governance of Paul Biya.

Staying in his logic of winner of the presidential election of 2018, Maurice Kamto in his speech called to several Paul Biya without his title of president of the Republic; proof that he is still contesting the results of the last presidential election. In fact, in his video broadcast live on December 31, he continues to call himself “president-elect”. 

For Maurice Kamto, Paul Biya is the source of the ills from which Cameroon suffers

"Cameroon is a disaster-stricken state because of Mr. Paul Biya's obstinacy in remaining at the head of the state when he has nothing more to offer the country. Never will one ever have sacrificed for their ego, the life of their compatriots, all social categories confused ” 

The president of the MRC made the turn of the national current events evoking inter alia, the English-speaking crisis, the legislative and municipal elections of 09 February 2019 and the war in North West and South West Cameroon (Noso).