Monday, January 13, 2020

Paul and Chantal Biya left Yaoundé on Sunday

After having received towards the end of the week at the Palace of Unity the greetings of the New Year 2020 from the members of the diplomatic corps and those of the members of the national constituted bodies, the Head of State withdrew this Sunday, January 12, 2020 in Mvomeka'a, his native village located in the South Region.

It is no secret to anyone: Paul Biya does not like to stay most of the time at his home in the Palace of Unity in Yaoundé. 

Despite his age, over 80 years old, the Cameroonian head of state likes to retire abroad, notably at the Intercontinental hotel in Switzerland or in his sumptuous home in Mvomeka'a in the south of Cameroon. 

But, since his stays abroad have been disrupted by opponents of the Cameroonian diaspora, Paul Biya is now taking the road to his native village in the Southern Region. It was still the case this Sunday when He left Yaoundé, all screaming siren in the early afternoon. A trip that was made as usual, indiscreetly, causing the disruption of traffic over a part of the city of Yaoundé.

“I left my house to follow the matches of the 17th day of the national elite one football championship at the stadium of the Fecafoot technical center in Odza. I was stuck for hours. We opened the road when the president crossed Mbalmayo, ”said an angry journalist. 

The length of the Head of State's stay in Mvomeka'a is unknown. But, we know that Paul Biya is expected on February 09, 2020 at the Bastos public school in Yaoundé to fulfill his duty as a citizen in the context of legislative and municipal elections. After having voted, the President of the Republic will show himself again on February 10 for his traditional message in favor of the Cameroonian youth festival.