Friday, January 24, 2020

Paris Meeting: the responds of MRC to threats from Junior Zogo

Junior Zogo, former member of BAS, who has become a Pro-Biya activist, warns Maurice Kamto.

He strongly asks the leader of the MRC to dissociate himself from the BAS, which seems to have confiscated his meeting of February 1, 2020. 

Indeed, Maurice Kamto, leader of the MRC, is expected in Paris on February 1, 2020. He will hold in the French capital "Giga political meeting". The goal here is to thank the Cameroonian diaspora and the friends of Cameroon for the support during their detention. 

Except that the involvement of the BAS in the arrival of Maurice Kamto in France seriously disturbs certain pro-Biya activists. The latter threaten to disrupt the meeting of Maurice Kamto as long as he does not dissociate himself from the actions of the BAS. "If BAS is the front, these people who broke our diplomatic mission, we are not going to leave them. We true patriots, ”warns activist Zogo. “We are going to send correspondence to the Elysée, to the French Ministry of Justice. To the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and the Prefect of Police. People who have pillaged our diplomatic missions cannot meet in Paris. I am talking about the extremists here ”, threatens this exiled police commissioner.

Within the MRC, it is argued that one does not recognize oneself in a movement within the diasporas constituted under the name of BAS. The national treasurer of that party said so. 

In an outing, Alain Fogue explains that the MRC has made public the list of "organizations with which he works for the tour of the President Elect", in France. "People carrying out a project aiming to give substance to the old dream of the Biya regime establishing a link between the MRC and the BAS can use these names and contacts of the members of the Committee to try to manipulate opinion", adds the Cadre du RCM. 

“It is clear that the MRC has no links, not even secret, with BAS. Consequently, the MRC remains calm in the face of all the crude montages and the national and international media campaign of the regime aimed at fabricating in advance the "evidence" for the next arbitrary arrests of its leaders and activists. The activists of the MRC, which have nothing to do with the BAS, must remain vigilant ”, concludes Alain Fogue.