Monday, January 20, 2020

Outrageous as Cameroon's military posts were attacked and destroyed

Boko Haram reported burns three army posts in the Far North

The Distant North of Cameroon once more focused on by Boko Haram terrorists. According to the African press, the group have attacked  three  Cameroonian armed force posts. The actualities took place amid the night of Friday to Saturday within the territory of Hidoua-Tourou. 

The aggressors, individuals of Boko Haram, set fire to the 3 armed force posts. This portion where the assault took put, on the border with Nigeria, has shielded hundreds of displaced people since 2013. They have fled their nation amidst fear of Terrorism..

Some time recently before these 3 assaults, we learned of the passing of 5 villagers in Gancé. It is additionally an assault by the armed terrorists group which is the cause of their deaths.

In over a month, around 50 individuals kicked the bucket as a result of assaults attributed to Boko Haram within the Distant North. These deadly assaults by the Islamist group are not the subject of communication from the authorities. 

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