Friday, January 17, 2020

Opponent reveals the amount he has been paid to support Paul Biya

Fritz Pierre Ngo, is one of the “opponents” who upheld the candidacy of President Paul Biya within the 2018 presidential election. He was a part of the G20, as were a few well-known on-screen characters on the Cameroonian political scene, like Me Jean De Dieu Momo and Banda Kani. On ABK radio this morning, Fritz Pierre Ngo, uncovered the sum he had gotten, in return for his support for Paul Biya's candidacy.

"My self personally, I had 3 Million that the central committee of the CPDM ..." pronounced on the waves of this private radio, which transmits from Douala, financial capital, the national president of the Development of Cameroonian ecologist (MEC).

Subsequently, the candidate for the 2011 presidential election who had been positioned 15th, with 0.19%, said he supported Paul Biya in 2018 since he displayed the leading political offer.