Thursday, January 16, 2020

Opinion: Nobody cares enough to know why he killed his teacher - Amierence Rene

A cameroonian has viewed out his opinion on the death of a Secondary School teacher that was stabbed by his student who alleged failed his subject in Yaoundé..

To him as he wrote in his point of view, he said Nobody cares enough to know why the suspect had killed his teacher.

Cameroonians are reacting to his opinion which some have named a wrong opinion... No one deserves to die just the way the young teacher was killed.. read below..

"He is condemned today as a badly brought up,as a spoiled child etc, but nobody cares enough to know why he did it, no one cares about his own feelings. He is a human too,
"We all make mistakes even though some mistakes are worst than others but atleast we should try and show a little bit of concern for each other. What he did is wrong and bad we know, 
"But have anyone ever bothered to ask why he did it? Both the families are going to lost dear ones. Most of us here have also lost dear ones, either in the hands of the military or in the hands of Ambar boys, 
"The military killing innocent souls in the north west and south west regions, is it justified? Pls dont see him like the worst person ever on earth. He made a mistake ,same mistakes most of our brothers have also made and are still doing it, 
"Condemn the society or the wicked government for their insecurity and blame the boy for the wrong act. Please dont take it personal with me. It's just my own point of view. Thanks".

Amierence Rene