Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Operation Sparrowhawk: the USA wants to help Paul Biya

The Head of American diplomacy in Cameroon offers three solutions to the State of Cameroon in the fight against corruption. The first called "e-Court" a kind of online court. The system assigns cases to specific branches of justice immediately after they are filed and allows the public to follow the progress of those cases throughout the judicial process.

The second technology, "? E-Procurement?" Or "? Public procurement online?", Focuses on the public procurement system, which is considered a means of corruption in Cameroon. Thanks to the “Young African Leaders Initiative” (Yali) system, the offers are visible to the public throughout the selection process. Since August 2016, says Yali, all procurement in Ukraine is online. 

Finally, the latest technology is based on "e-Policing": the digitalisation of the police. In this specific case, Yali indicates that in an eastern European city, citizens welcomed the introduction of police cameras at traffic lights. These citizens now pay their tickets by mail, through which they receive photographic evidence of the offense. Which is far better than being arrested and required to “settle” the fine in person with a corrupt officer.

Indeed, Yali, is a system which had been launched in 2010 by the former president Barack Obama launched Yali in to support the young African leaders who stimulate growth and prosperity. The aim is to strengthen democracy, governance, peace and security in sub-Saharan Africa.