Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Noso: the wraith of the big boycott of the 2020 elections

It is the current fear of the government, that in the regions in crisis, there is a massive boycott of the legislative and municipal elections of February 9. Moreover, the conference of governors which opened in Yaoundé last Monday had as a backdrop, security during the electoral period. Atanga Nji, the minister of territorial administration, has threatened with imprisonment all those who campaign for this boycott. Recall that specifically in crisis regions, the government has deployed 700 soldiers, or 350 per region.

In NoSo, the slogan of the separatists and the armed Amba boys is more than clear: no elections. They proceed by threats, which creates psychosis. Populations fear attacks by these fighters. Sources also indicate that for some time, the separatists have been propagating boycotts of the municipal and legislative elections on February 9 next on the streets of the North West and South West regions. In a video that has gone viral, one of the separatist leaders, a certain Field Marshall, promises hell to those who dare to challenge the slogan of the dead city during the elections. He promises death to those who will vote. Since the war started in the English-speaking area, boycotts and dead cities have always been respected. During the last senators, this was already the case.

The deleterious situation in these regions has also pushed Paul Biya to postpone twice the date of the legislative and municipal elections. In the process, we note that the secessionists have launched themselves into acts of intimidation. There are mayors and municipal councilors who are kidnapped here and there, as in Babessi; houses of candidates burned down, which in particular led some candidates of the homeless to declare themselves finally non-starters. However, even if the secessionists manage to keep the screed of fear over the regions at war, could a massive boycott water down the legality of the ballot in this part of the country? Could the fact that voters do not go to vote lead to the invalidation of the ballot?

Source: Emergence N ° 1600