Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Noso: the army defies the separatists again

The army crisscrossed some arteries of the capital of the North West region, this Monday, January 27, 2020.

It is an action which aimed to thwart the Lock down of the separatist groups which prevail in the two English-speaking regions namely the North-West and the South-West (Noso). The army decided to walk in some arteries of the city of Bamenda. She thus said no to the operation better known as the dead cities and which is imposed on the populations by the separatists. The populations, most of the time forced to comply with the said operation, welcomed this march, pushing a sigh of relief. 

As a reminder, the separatists called on the English-speaking populations, the parliamentarians of Noso, the local elected representatives of the regions raised, to boycott the legislative and municipal elections of February 9, 2020. They produced a press release in which they threaten the populations. They threaten anyone who goes to the polls on the day of the aforementioned double ballot.

They even promised to disrupt the local elections, which the competing political parties have been fighting for since January 25, 2020, on the ground. They indicated in their press release that they will lock down between the period from 07 to 12 February next. 

The army therefore decided to block the road to the separatists this Monday morning. A fed-up shared by a good section of the population of Bamenda who can no longer bear the exactions of the secessionists. We remember that at the very beginning of this month of January, the inhabitants of Balikumbat, a locality in the North West, very angry, destroyed camps held by the secessionists. 

According to Quetong Anderson Kongueh the Prefect of NgoKetunjia, the inhabitants of Balikumbat had managed to put my hand in a large stock of weapons belonging to the separatists. This action by the people of Balikumbat followed the fact that a motorcycle driver had his gear snatched by the Amba boys who asked him for money before letting it pass. Having said that he was penniless, they then took his motorcycle.