Tuesday, January 28, 2020

No boycott: here is the new military method in Bamenda

This Monday, January 27, 2020, the elements of the armed forces assigned to Bamenda crossed the streets where they reassured the populations that they can peacefully go about their occupations.

Economic activities are slowing down, students involuntarily skip classes, exam failures follow, fear wins hearts. 

For simple reason, the phenomenon of the dead city that seems to impose on the populations, the separatist combatants in particular in Bamenda, capital of the Western region. 

Army reaction

By traversing some corners of the city of Bamenda, the soldiers restored confidence to their compatriots who have suffered from this intimidation of the secessionists for years by asking them to go about their business now since they are watching over the grain. 

For General Nka Valère, commander of the troops, the separatist combatants must lay down their arms because otherwise, the defense forces will do their job with professionalism, as instructed by the head of the armed forces in his speech at the end of year December 31, 2019 and recently again, during the triumph ceremony of the "General Kodji Jacob" promotion at the Joint Military School. 

At the time when the armed forces were reassuring the populations, those of Balikumbat were still expressing their rage against the separatists. Trees of peace in hand, they expressed it during a peaceful march on January 27, 2020.

Source: Lebledparle.com