Friday, January 31, 2020

NJOMI TCHAKOUNTE: Paul and Chantal Biya mourned teacher day after he was buried

A day after the burial of Boris Kévin NJOMI TCHAKOUNTE, first couple send condolence to the family about the brutal death of this 26-year-old teacher which occurred some days ago in yaoundé.

In a tweet via his twitter handle, Paul Biya said he was deeply moved when the young teacher died. "My Wife and I learned with great emotion, the brutal death in the exercise of his profession, of Mr. Boris Kévin NJOMI TCHAKOUNTE", tweeted Paul Biya. "We would like to send to his loved ones, Our sincere condolences" can still be read on the twitter account of Paul Biya.

The deceased teacher, Boris Kévin NJOMI TCHAKOUNTE was stabbed to death with a compass by his 14-year-old student,  Boris was buried Yesterday, the 30th of January 2020.

His colleagues were dispersed by the police while they trying to pay last respect to him.