Tuesday, January 7, 2020

National Address: Paul Biya urged BAS to remain silent

Paul Biya spoke to his compatriots on December 31. The opportunity for the octogenarian president to take stock of the past year. In this report, the president sent a particular and very firm message to his compatriots in the diaspora. They made him live a very eventful 2019.

Several times victim of "harsh" comments from the diaspora on its management of the country, boycotted during his travels and attacked as was the case with his hotel during his last visit to Paris, Paul Biya asked the diaspora of everything just shut up. "Regarding the excessive behavior of some of our compatriots in the diaspora - whether or not they are no longer Cameroonians - I think that they should, out of patriotism, refrain from negative comments about their country of origin, "said Paul Biya. A declaration undoubtedly intended for the BAS, a powerful organization of Cameroonians in the diaspora determined to bring down the Biya regime. She will appreciate.