Thursday, January 23, 2020

MRC: Introduction of resistance plan 3

The Cameroonian diaspora established abroad has largely acquired Maurice Kamto, president of the Mrc. It is the 3rd vice-president of the Emmanuel Simh party who says so.

In an interview, this Wednesday, January 22, in the daily newspaper Le Messager, Emmanuel Simh spoke with assured support from the diaspora to Maurice Kamto. Thus, he justifies the tour of the president of the Mrc as a means for Kamto to express his thanks to the diaspora. 

The diaspora has played an essential role ... 

“Everyone knows very well that the Cameroonian diaspora is almost 90% committed to change and therefore mainly to President Kamto. So it was time for such a thank you tour. But also thank them for their contribution during the incarceration of the president, his allies and activists of the Mrc. The diaspora played an essential role in the daily contribution that it made so that we can treat, feed and help the families and even the detainees who were in the prisons of Cameroon following the white and peaceful marches of January and June 2019, "said Emmanuel Simh. 

In addition, Emmanuel Simh considers that this trip abroad was also essential. Indeed, it allows, according to him, Maurice Kamto to exchange with the diaspora on the follow-up to be given to the resistance. Because, explains Emmanuel Simh, in Cameroon, two poles are opposed. On the one hand, there are those who support Paul Biya and support in his initiatives. On the other, there are those who do not agree and who are thus behind Maurice Kamto 

Exchange with this diaspora on plane 3 of the resistance

“It was also important to exchange with this diaspora on plan 3 of the resistance which is being launched today; explain this resistance to him, explain the boycott of the Mrc of the elections that are coming in a few days, and keep her, she the diaspora, mobilized for new fighting because in reality today in Cameroon, there will be the camp of those who will accompany Mr Biya in his electoral masquerade and the camp of those who say, we do not agree with this sham, this hypocrisy, which has lasted too long and which await a real change ", said Emmanuel Simh. 

Mrc and boycott 

The Mrc has decided to boycott the upcoming double ballot on February 9, 2020. Maurice Kamto's party refers to the situation in the North West and the South West as the main justification. In addition, Maurice Kamto sets the condition for a thorough reform of the electoral code before any participation in a vote. 

The Government nevertheless ensures that the appropriate security measures will ensure the security of the vote. This particularly concerns the English-speaking regions. In this part of the country, secessionists have threatened to attack those who would participate in the double ballot.