Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Money is like a woman, treat money well and it will stay - Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, the former aide to former president Good luck Jonathan and one of the popular Nigerian social media influencers has advised men to treat money like a woman so that money will stay long with you and even have children for you. He said that the more you Appreciate it, the more it will increase in value and population.

In his usual early morning inspiration tweets title Renos Nuggets, of this Tuesday's tweet, Reno writes to all men;

Dear men, 

Money is like a woman. treat money well and it will stay, and even have children for you. Treat it bad and it will leave. Treat money like a woman you love. Learn what it likes. Appreciate it and it will increase in value and population,

"The main cause of poverty is increasing your Population without increasing your Remuneration. Be Fruitful before you Multiply, or things will be Frightful after you Multiply. There is no manna from heaven. So gather food, before gathering babies,

"Wealthy men get wealthy by identifying the needs of others and meeting them. But poor men are usually focused on their own need, which blinds them to the needs of others that they have ability to meet. Find a need and meet it. It how to get wealthy,

"Aim to be wealthy not rich. Being rich means you have money. Being wealthy means you have investments. Recession affects riches, not wealth. Wealth is simply recalculated to reflect the reality of recession, while money loses value during recession" Reno Omokri