Thursday, January 23, 2020

Minister of Public Health received best government minister award from Journalists

The Minister of Public Health received this January 20, 2020 the prize for managerial excellence by a delegation of independent journalists.

The award for excellence 

"The best embodiment of public morals, leadership in good governance, promotion, organization, management and development of public health facilities, the fight against the illicit sale of medicines and the practice of clandestine medicine, political dynamism for a contribution to the emergence of Cameroon, loyalty to the Head of State ”, these are the criteria which have contributed to the distinction of Manaouda Malachi by its hosts. 

Indeed, "The hosts of Dr Manaouda Malachie came to give him his award for excellence for the work done during the year 2019", can be read on the Facebook page of Minsant√©. 

From memory, Manaouda Malachie arrives at the head of the ministerial department which is in charge on January 4, 2019 following the ministerial reorganization of President Paul Biya. 

Some acts

Since then, the member of the government continues to stand out with his sense of professional conscience as the acts can speak for themselves. 

As an illustration, the sentence fell for the attackers of the doctor of the Efoulan district hospital. A few days ago, the Minsant√© sanctioned the nurses who broadcast the shocking images of the student attacked by his friend at the Obala high school. 

In the same vein, Manaouda Malachie instructed the opening of an administrative investigation following the death of Me Sylvain Souop who is talking, in the hope that it will know a favorable outcome. 

Remember that before the Minister of Public Health, it was Jean De Dieu Momo, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice who received a few weeks before the Minister of the Year Award 2019 from Sun Info, for his "Proximity" with the public.