Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Mincom: gloomy employees because of Issa Tchiroma

He knew how to play his partition at Mincom thoroughly, by combining the useful with the pleasant.

In its time, the Ministry of Communication which never filled up, was the rallying point of the media, all obediences and chapels combined. The conferences or press briefings that he organized almost every week were very popular with journalists, who were not asked to be there, all the more so since taxi costs almost always followed. 

CRTV, the state media, for the occasion solemnly deployed its impressive arsenal of communication. It was great unforgettable moments. A fork of journalists drawn on the shutter, had the insignificant privilege to ask him some questions, under the coordination of a moderator. Even if sometimes he was too long overdue, journalists readily conceded to him because he was warm and could call more than a hundred journalists by name. In addition, it was also the reunion for a good number of confreres, who took the opportunity to exchange. It is not an exaggeration to say that Drinking places, taverns, call-boxes, itinerant merchants, in short everything that revolved around the Ministry of Communication at that time, is today with regret of this auspicious period.

He was said to be more royalist than the king, sometimes sycophantic, but all recognized his unifying side, and especially his ability to lighten the mood. We could not agree with this worthy son of the Bénoué, but his proven communitarianism could not leave anyone indifferent. During his magisterium in this ministry he knew with little means linked the useful to the pleasant, he certainly marked the spirits. he was also considered the friend of all journalists, even those who did not sing the praises of his champion. He played his score so well that it was hard to believe that the UNDP defector was once a fierce opponent of the Biya regime.