Friday, January 31, 2020

Maurice Kamto dreams of a cancellation of the February 09 elections

The Movement for the Revival of Cameroon (Mrc) is aware of the serious decision taken by boycotting the municipal and legislative elections of February 09. Maurice Kamto and his family know that it will be difficult to animate Cameroonian political life for the next five years.

The party is also aware that under current conditions, it will not be able to present a candidate for the next presidential election. 

If during his media outings, the president of Mr Maurice Maurice Kamto often explains to journalists that he will devote the next five years (and even more) to train Cameroonians and prepare them for change, the fact remains that 'he has other projects in mind. 

Indeed Maurice Kamto cherishes the dream of seeing the legislative and municipal elections of February 9, 2020 canceled. Even if they were held on the said day, the president of the Mrc does not exclude the possibility that they will be resumed a few months later, the political life being dynamic according to Kamto.

“The political scene is not frozen. Maybe we will resume the elections in six months or a year in Cameroon, "Kamto said under the ovations of his activists. 

As a reminder, the Cameron Renaissance Movement (MRC) has renounced its participation in the process by invoking the war in the North West and South West of Cameroon and the government's refusal to reform the electoral system. This reform clarifies it, has been twice recommended by Cameroon Election (Elecam). institution in charge of organizing elections in Cameroon.