Friday, January 17, 2020

Kondengui: Maurice Kamto 'pleaded guilty'

From the bottom of his cell in Kondengui, the leader of the movement for the Cameroonian Renaissance (MRC), Prof Maurice Kamto wrote a poem in which he declares himself "pleads guilty to having believed that the new dawn would give birth to a a new force cherishing freedom blossoms on the flower of sacrificial blood ".

Camerounweb offers you the entire poem 

Ah! So here is the court 

Procession of croquemitaines disguised as ermines and medieval wigs 

In vain did I search here for the Blindfolded Goddess holding firm the celestial sword in the axis of the scales 

There is there, overhanging the scene of the obscene parody, that the portrait of a cunning puppeteer 

He watches silently from the overwhelming gravity of his absence 

Justice in the name of the people rendered 

in the name of the betrayed god 

Give me thanks to the prologues of idle eloquence, 

sleeve effects of your red dresses reddened with cowardice and lies: 

I plead guilty

To have believed that the fragile lights of the first morning announced the times of our triumphal march 

I plead guilty 

To have believed in the crossing of hearts such as the woods of a ridge frame 

I plead guilty 

To have believed that these havoc faces on the shadows in ruins 

these people of little, of nothing, these obscure dying-the-end would have their place at the table 

I plead guilty 

To have believed that the new dawn would give birth to a new force cherishing freedom hatched on the flower of the sacrificial blood 

I plead guilty 

For trampling totem poles and taboos of a twilight myth 

I plead guilty

I challenge the deserters who dismiss the fight 

the resigners who criticize the bad weather, the tormented topography of the battlefield 

I plead the addiction to the dazzling of a bad sun which calcines the poor lands of the poor; 

to the fatuities which snatch audacity, fragment after fragment, its dignity 

I hold my hand so as not to draw the saber 

it would inevitably strike 

And since with all force it is necessary to this altar citizens-emissaries, take 

action! Expiatory justice where the Evil One is in charge of exorcist 

Perform your fetishistic rites under the neon lights of the demonized republic 

Make your sentence pitiless 

Let it be entrenched

not even the kiss of voluptuous death with eager lips 

What would tremble the judicial hand of Injustice which boasts from the top of its munificence? 

At stake freedoms crackling free speech 

Hear concert cowardice ringing the kill our damnation 

But resist insubordination 

The charge pandores Prosecution overload 

But resist the conviction 

Justice, kneeling, dying in a trance slobbering remorse on his forgotten oath 

Justice-half-moon which keeps riveted in the sky the thirsty glances which hope for the Big Lady in fullness 

Its time will come 

Justice dilapidated on the uncertain paths of our sovereign fall. Embalmed justice

I read in you a magnificent country in the new country sketched by our struggle 

Say your ultimate verdict in the hollow of my ear

even when I am on the edge of the world of the indecipherable night when all light goes out 

Your time will come 

in a sky crossed out with anger 

where the multitude will rise to deliver the Captive 

Your time will come. 

Maurice KAMTO 

Main Prison of Yaoundé 

June 16-18, 2019