Friday, January 24, 2020

Issa Tchiroma wants to leave the Dion Ngute government

Tchiroma and Hele Pierre made the perilous but laudable choice to present themselves to the deputation, each in their respective stronghold.

The electoral campaign for the double ballot of February 9, next opens in a few days, against a background of insecurity in certain areas of the country, notably the North-West and the South-West, as well as the boycott of some parts of the opposition. But one of the great curiosities of this election which does not seem to catch the general public, is the presence of two Ministers of the Republic in this race. Indeed, for the first time since the advent of multiparty politics, two Ministers in office are candidates for the deputation. Issa Tchiroma Bakari, will compete in his fief, the constituency of Bénoué East, in Garoua in the Northern Region. 

The Minister of the Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development, Hele Pierre meanwhile will be in the oven and in the mill during this campaign which begins in four days to seek a seat in the National Assembly in Kaélé in Mayo West Kani, Far North Region. The two Ministers decided at their own risk to descend from their pedestal, to engage in an exercise that was not at all comfortable, the outcome of which could be fatal to them. But whatever, the choice they made deserves to be praised, beyond the verdict of the ballot boxes.

While it is true that in countries like France, the fact that Ministers stand for election is common, especially since the entry or retention in government of a personalities is very often dependent on their political weight, with us it is quite the opposite. Most often, as soon as a personality manages to infiltrate the Government, it is to finish. It blends into the mass of Ministers from the ruling party, to the point where no more distinction is made. 

There are many examples of this. Regarding the presidential elections, we can understand, even if we do not endorse it, that certain leaders do not feel sufficiently fortunate to apply for it, on the other hand nothing could justify the absence which they demonstrate when it comes local elections as is currently the case. The ideal, however, is that all the Ministers follow the example of Hele Pierre and Tchiroma, that they return home, to gauge their degree of popularity.