Sunday, January 12, 2020

Insecurity: Brasseries du Cameroun's truck attacked, one killed, two injured

On January 8, a truck belonging to the Brasseries du Cameroun company was attacked by fighters from the Boko Haram sect. It was around 9:00 am that the assault was launched at the Zigagué bridge. We are talking about a dozen armed men who opened fire on the people present in the truck. They were all injured. The attack occurred less than a month after that of December 15, 2019 in the same place. On that day, a truck loaded with goods going to Kousseri had been attacked by Boko Hararn. An attack that left one dead.

Two people including the driver transported to the hospital 

Among the victims, the driver Ngaya Abdoulaye 55 years old and his motorboy Ngou Jérémie Biaise, 35 years, who were transported to the hospital of Mora. They came from Garoua to deliver drinks to Kousseri. And according to the commander of the Zigagué gendarmerie brigade, the driver jumped on one of the attackers and snatched his weapon. "We do not know by what miracle he managed to snatch a weapon. It is an act of bravery that deserves encouragement. ”

Informed of the attack, the brigade commander mobilized his elements. The latter, supported by soldiers from the Multionale Joint Force (MNJTF), deployed to rescue the victims and prevent the terrorists from being damaged. “When we arrived, the attackers had finished their dirty work and had left the place of the attack. But we chased them up to around 15 km without catching them. Nevertheless, we destroyed a hut which obviously served them as a hiding place in this bush. Because we found several materials there, ”confides the brigade commander of Zigagué. 

The very advanced degradation of the roads helped these members of the sect to accomplish their mission. Indeed, on this national road N ° 1, a section of 2 kilometers which crosses the place called Pont Zigagué is in very bad condition and surrounded by waters on both sides of the border. Due to this deterioration, vehicles are forced to drive at a speed of 2 km / h. This is how the attackers take advantage of this to attack.