Saturday, January 25, 2020

Insecurity: Ammunition found in a room in Yaoundé

He was found in the room shared by Idriss Yaro Salissou, Hassan Adamou, Labarang Adamou and Aliou Moussa, a large stock of war materials. The defendants indicate that the equipment would belong to a certain Ngomsi, a sergeant on duty in the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) hitherto unidentified.

The story is from the Kalara newspaper in its newsstand issue this week. Indeed, the search carried out by the elements of the national gendarmerie in the home of the four young people in the Nsam district in Yaoundé, made it possible to discover grenades, Kalashnikovs, rockets, amulets, ammunition ... 

Visibly aged 20, the accused Idriss Yaro Salissou, Hassan Adamou alias Ousmane Saidou, Labarang Adamou and Aliou Moussa alias Aliou, whose nationalities are still unknown, have been languishing for more than a year at the Yaoundé-Kondengui central prison.

"On January 7, 2020, the defendants were before the Military Court of Yaoundé where they are prosecuted for the acts of aggravated theft, possession of ammunition, detention and wearing of military effects, dangerous preparations, failure to CNI and immigration illegal. Before the bar, Adamou Labarang pleaded not guilty since he was absent from their home on the day of the search. The other three accused admit having been found with the disputed war material. The latter who reject certain charges against them, however plead guilty of coaction of possession of ammunition, military effects and lack of CNI ”, we can read in the newspaper of Christophe Bobiokono on newsstands. 

According to the weekly, the government commissioner (public prosecutor) spoke at the start of the hearing to explain that in March 2018, unknown persons seized elements of the national gendarmerie to denounce Idriss Yaro Saiissou presented as the brain of a gang, which they accused of possessing a war arsenal in his room located in the Nsam district of Yaoundé. The denunciations stated that the gang in Idriss Yaro Saiissou attacked the populations with the said weapons. 


A search of the latter's home will reveal one hundred and twenty-three munitions of war, two grenades, a rocket, a BIR magazine holder, seven daggers, five amulets (fetishes), a hood, a flashlight with compass, three Kalashnikov chargers, two trellis sets and a BIR t-shirt. Idriss Yaro and his companions, in particular Hassan Adamou alias Ousmane Saidou, ALiou Moussa alias Aliou will be arrested.

Asked about the source of the equipment in question, they had indicated that it belonged to their friend, Sergeant Ngomsi, an element of the BIR, on duty in the locality of Manoka, a peninsula located between the Littoral region and that from the Southwest. The soldier allegedly left these effects during one of his stays in the accused's room. 

Requalification of the facts 

During his brief speech, Idriss Yaro insisted that the material at issue is the property of Sergeant Ngomsi. To support his allegations, he will present the soldier's voter card, his photographs where he appears in military uniform. Failing to provide the dumps which prove that the material quarreled belongs to the sergeant, the judge rejected the documents presented by the accused. According to the magistrate, this war material does indeed belong to the accused, even if the minutes of the preliminary investigation constantly mention that Sergeant Ngomsi was cited as the owner of the military effects. 

But the representative of the prosecution regretted that the man in uniform was not formally identified. Reason for which he, according to the prosecution, dismissed (prosecution). Following this important clarification, the indignant court will instruct the prosecution to open an investigation into the matter. The judge accuses the prosecution of having released "Sergeant Ngomsi", alleged accomplice of the gang to Idriss Yaro, without having verified whether he is part of the BIR staff or not. 

"During his requisitions, the government commissioner, for lack of evidence, dismissed the offense of aggravated theft coaction but proposed to the court to reclassify the facts of coercion of possession of ammunition in those of port and illegal possession of ammunition of war with regard to Idriss Yaro Saiissou. The public prosecutor has kept the other charges against the accused unchanged. The case was postponed until February 4 for deliberations on the request for reclassification, ”it reads.