Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I thanked those who insulted me - Jean de Dieu Momo

It was the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice who let him know on his Facebook account, he promises to take appropriate measures when the time comes.

It was Tery Fangang who uttered these threats against the Minister, words of enormous gravity which reflect his resentment and bitterness towards the lawyer. hateful, despicable and deserves to be beaten up. Besides, you are my sardinard whom I control after the fall of the Biya regime "writes the internet user. He goes further, by affirming that during the elections of the double legislative and municipal ballot on February 09, he will take action Faced with this surge of digital violence and what appears to be a declaration of war, Jean de Dieu Momo reveals that this fact will not go unpunished. 

Here is the post of Jean de Dieu Momo

At the beginning of this year, I thanked those who insulted me profusely all year long because their insults allowed me to sew the coat that prominent politicians wear for ungrateful service to the people. But let's be clear that there are limits that should not be crossed. I hold the sword of justice and I am reluctant to abuse it. However, a clear and precise threat of damaging my physical integrity cannot go unpunished. read it yourself and remember that I sounded the alarm at the time. 

# Fo'o Dzakeutonpoug