Thursday, January 9, 2020

How Paul Biya makes France tremble

A president who never speaks, which makes him very unpredictable in the eyes of Westerners.

Since he came up with the idea of ​​leaving the FCFA in 1996 in the presence of the late Omar Bongo ex-president of Gabon and Abdoulaye Wade that of Senegal, 

Since he started to flout the articles of the colonial agreements which bound the Cameroon has France in 2000 by deciding to create its own republican army to protect its country, not with the agreement of France as stipulated in the article concerning the training of the Cameroonian army, but rather with Israel, La France understood that Paul Biya will be a stone in his shoe concerning their neocolonialist and imperialist ambitions in Central Africa. 

So Sarkozy is going to wage a war without Thanks Against the Cameroonian patriarch, a war he will obviously lose, because as in Ivory Coast he wanted to impose a valet of France at the head of Cameroon, but that was without counting on the wisdom of the patriarch protected by the ancestors who will reveal this deception and expose the traitor who was immediately condemned. 

In 2009 the patriarch replaced the cover by refusing to renew the colonial agreements which condemned Cameroon to remain under the control of France. 

Sarkozy Having lost this fight against the Cameroonian patriarch, here comes Holland. In turn will start a fight to force the Cameroonian patriarch to leave power so that France has a chance to recover Cameroon. Hence these wars that Cameroon has known since 2013. But it was always without counting on the wisdom of the patriarch who said to him I quote: do not last to the power who wants, but who can. Hollande in turn will lose the fight against the Cameroonian president.

Remember that none of the presidents of France who had dared to attack the Cameroonian patriarch was able to serve 2 terms. 

So here we are at the dawn of a new era where the issue of the FCFA is back on the table. Bad luck for France. The current president of CEMAC is none other than the Cameroonian patriarch. And he has for reputation "" the African president who does not renew any contract or agreements signed with France before him"

France sees itself losing everything in Cameroon and losing everything in Cameroon, It loses everything in Central Africa. 

Colonial agreements not renewed, 

Bolloré who leaves Cameroon,

The reconstruction of Sonara granted to Russia,

Infrastructure in Cameroon (stadiums, road, etc.) to Turkey, China, etc. 

The FCFA contract with Central Africa had an expiry date, December 26 2019 if I'm not mistaken. 

And in this contract it is noted that the cemac at 6 months to reflect and make its decision whether or not it wants to continue with the FCFA .. 

Here is the ultimate hope of France, the French delegations multiplied in Cameroon this year n have borne no fruit in favor of France.

So for a last resort, the French President himself with his right arm LeDrian plan to pay a visit to Cameroon at the end of this year or the beginning of 2020. 

What will they offer to the President of Cameroon (the one who does not renew any contract signed between France and his country before him) according to you? 

Biya Paul did not come to develop Cameroon materially, he came to develop Cameroon mentally, For the Cameroonians to develop themselves materially being the only masters of their country with all that goes with it. its fight, its mission is to put an end to imperialism and western neocolonialism in Cameroon and in Central Africa in general. 

It is only the uncultivated Cameroonians who have not yet understood who fight it.