Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How Atanga Nji pushed the MRC to boycott the elections, by Pacho Tawaing

For more than two weeks, from Kekem to Maroua, via Douala and Yaoundé, we saw sub-prefects and mayors literally refuse to sign the documents constituting the files of the candidates of the MRC in the double ballot of February 9.

Despite the many complaints and arrests, the Minister of Territorial Administration remained silent on the subject and at no time deigned to call his collaborators to order, proof that he was completely in tune with them. 

Drawing, among other things, the consequences of this state of affairs, the MRC decided not to go to the elections and to call for an active boycott. 

Now the same minister comes out of his silence and accuses the MRC of all ills. 

Unless you're blind, all the administration expected from the MRC was its support, its anointing, its moral guarantee for the electoral masquerade that was planned.

Everything was done so that the MRC and its leaders are humiliated at the end of these bialections. 

For those activists of the MRC who have not yet understood the need for an active boycott, you must say thank you to Maurice KAMTO for allowing you to save your campaign money. 

Besides the elective positions that you mourn today, you should also mourn your campaign money after February 9th.

Journalist: Pacho Tawaing