Saturday, January 18, 2020

'Here is the new find of the Biya regime to bring down opponents'

“The death of Master Sylvain Souop gives me the pretext to tell an anecdote that I kept for myself. It was told to me on February 12, 2019 by an AP (“political friend”, expression used within the MRC party to say “comrade”) whose name I am keeping for the moment.

The AP in question explains to me that following the demonstrations on January 26, 2019, he had suffered violence from the police and, had ended up in hospital training for treatment. 

He goes on to say that on January 28, being in the hospital, he receives a call from someone telling him that he must leave the hospital because we are going to pick him up to bring him to cell. We remember that at the same time, the Pierre Gaetan Ngankam, Celestin Djamen and others were removed from their hospital beds for the Kondengui prison where they spent 9 months. 

So he complies and, with the help of a nurse who has been on him since his hospitalization, he disappears from the hospital and goes to hide with a friend. He will have after a confirmation by the said nurse that men in uniform and in plain clothes had passed just after his flight to the hospital and had searched everything to find him. All this is very normal. 

What is abnormal is that the PA told me about the harassment he had suffered from his doctor, who since his flight, kept calling him for allegedly coming to complete his treatment. However, still according to the nurse's confession, the men in suspicious clothes and plain clothes continued to make rounds around the hospital several days after his flight.

This AP, feeling insecure in Douala had therefore preferred to leave and come to Yaoundé knowing that it was the last place where we would come to look for it. 

So we have doctors who, in collusion with the militia, want to deliver completely innocent patients to the police. 

Since he told me this story, I have been afraid of everyone. The hospital should be the last place we should be afraid to go! "

Journalist: Takumbeng Bakinien