Thursday, January 23, 2020

Hawk: 64 Minfi officials involved in a record theft scandal

The revelation is contained on the Facebook page of the Cameroonian Ministry of Finance. According to the latter, 15 names and personnel numbers of senior executives from this key ministry (senior civil servants and contractual administrative executives) are clearly displayed. The latter are the main players in the astronomical sum of 33 billion FCFA stolen in the space of just two months.

According to the mission of the Committee to control the balances, pensions and recalls, these agents of the Cameroonian Ministry of Finance, stole the sum of 33 billion FCFA, in just two months: October and November 2019. 

According to the publication, the embezzlement of public funds raised, oscillate between 30 million and 04 billion FCFA per person. The strategy of these odious criminals of the Republic, we are told, consisted in the creation of false serial numbers and false pay and pension records. The defendants paid these huge sums of money to the accomplices, who, according to the investigation, paid back 50% of the amount unduly received. The section is entitled "statement of amounts due" on the Facebook page of the Cameroonian Ministry of Finance.

After the physical count of State agents which has uncovered more than 10 thousand fictitious civil servants and saved 30 billion, a strong reaction from the government is expected.