Saturday, January 25, 2020

GICAM asks Biya to sack the director general of taxes

Célestin Tawamba accuses Modeste Mopa Fatoing of violating his directives by displaying "anti-business behavior".

Nothing is going right between the Inter-employer Group of Cameroon (GICAM) and the director general of taxes. The relationship between the two entities is so degraded that the president of GICAM seizes the president of the Republic of Cameroon. Célestin Tawamba expresses himself in a letter dated January 14, 2020. He speaks of "consummate rupture of relations between the director general of taxes and businesses". He accuses Modeste Mopa Fatoing of violating the directives of the head of state. An attitude which according to him risks undermining relations between the private sector and the State. 

The boss of the most important Cameroonian employers' organization denounces the relationship of the Dg of taxes with the companies and organizations that represent them. He criticizes his vision and his practice of tax administration, and detects an inability to dialogue and to face the contradiction. According to him, Fatoing has created a deleterious climate in the general directorate of taxes which has contributed to the departure of the competent senior executives towards other skies. The youngest director general of taxes is accused of refusing to issue administrative documents, of inability to devise a fiscal policy, of ignorance of the reality of the business. He talks about "drifts" which experienced a completely different turn in 2018.

The tax chief is accused of having "displayed his hostility to the tax reform proposal of GICAM in which he believed he perceived an attempt by the private sector to replace the state". And also to have "established an asphyxiating climate" by excluding any form of dialogue. The accuser speaks of a "consummate break" between the director of taxes and businesses.