Sunday, January 19, 2020

Football: what if Cameroon hosted the 2038 World Cup?

This can be seen from the statement made by CAF President Ahmad Ahmad during his last visit to Cameroon.

Ahmad Ahmad and some members of CAF stayed in Roger Milla's country for an inspection visit, from January 13 to 16, 2020. This, as a prelude to the competitions (CHAN 2020 and CAN 2021) that Cameroon will organize. The boss of the African football confederation said he was satisfied with the progress of the work. One of his statements, during his visit, did not go unnoticed: “It is rare to see a country that has invested so much money in the construction of stadiums. Cameroon has done more than we asked it with stadiums that can even host world cup matches, "said Ahmad Ahmad. And to add: “We demanded at least 6 stadiums between 20 and 50 thousand places. Cameroon offers us ten. "

Which may suggest that Cameroon has what it takes to organize a world football mass in the years to come…