Friday, January 24, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Sam Ango reportedly been 'beaten' daily by his wife

The case has been around the web since on Tuesday. The home of our colleague Sam Séverin Ango went up in smoke following a fire that the victim described as criminal in origin.

Sam Séverin Ango said that his house was burned down by his wife Ngo Ntamack Geneviève with whom he has been in a relationship for a few months. 
The journalist justified this accusation by the "drama" that he lives daily alongside his partner.

In a video posted on social networks, we clearly see the threats made by Dame Ngo Ntamack Geneviève against this journalist close to Prof Maurice Kamto.

"I was never free in this relationship, she wanted to take me hostage. She utters death threats against me, and even her grown children threatened me. His son who is at the GSO even threatened to shoot me in the head, "says Sam Sévérin 

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