Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Exclusive: Cabral Libii wants a position in government

Before accessing the prestigious Etoudi armchair, Cabral Libii first wants an elective mandate. But also, it aims for a ministerial post.

Cabral Libii's statement is already fueling controversy on the web. The candidate ranked 3rd in the last presidential election no longer hides the desire to become a minister. He was in Makak last Sunday for the launch of his campaign for the municipal and legislative double ballot next February 9, we are in Nyon Ekélé. 

It is in French and in Bassa language that the president of the PCRN, candidate for the deputation in this electoral district, addressed to his supporters who came very numerous to listen to him. 

Thus, the son of the village, will reiterate his dream of becoming President of the Republic. But before that, he wants an elective mandate and why not a ministerial position: "I do not campaign for the legislative, but for the presidential. But before being president, you have to prove yourself at the town hall or the national assembly and why not be a minister, ”he will launch. A "shock" statement taken up by the government daily Cameroon Tribune, published on January 29, 2020.

The hot water of the web 

On social networks, the young politician is already in the mouth of the wolf. He is accused of being a "false opponent". "This guy is an opposition opponent. He doesn't even hide it, ”comments a facekook subscriber. "Do you think Cabral is an opponent?" Asked another. 

But we remember that a similar controversy had already erupted in the aftermath of the presidential election in October 2018. The candidate invested by the Univers de prosper party Nkou Nvondo, had at that time, granted an interview to the BBC, in which he declared that he was "ready to join the government of Paul Biya". Words he later denied to Jeune Afrique, citing editing errors. "I will never enter a Biya government," he said.