Sunday, January 12, 2020

Exclusion of Cameroon from AGOA: the real reasons finally revealed

This day I promised to give on my page the real reason why the USA excluded Cameroon from the African Growth Opportunity Act (Agoa) but before, I will say what this story of AGOA is.

What I am saying here is not within the framework of a political party but I speak like a citizen who loves his country and who respects his institutions. Many wonder about the resurgence of my publications which seem to be in favor of the regime which I say to fight but I believe that it is a mistake to believe that being an opponent means "killing or promoting the death of his country". I am a noble, courageous patriot who loves justice. My slogan is "THE REPUBLIC BEFORE POLITICAL IDEOLOGY" 

To get into the subject itself, The exclusion of Cameroon from AGOA since 2019 was to take effect on January 1, 2020. The entry into force of this decision of the President American against Cameroon depended on the security situation in the NOSO. 

Jim noah 

What is AGOA? 

AGOA is a law on growth and development opportunities in Africa. It is an American initiative that allows countries in sub-Saharan Africa to sell their products on the American market without customs duty. This law was enacted in 2012 to promote trade and investment between the United States and sub-Saharan Africa by granting admitted countries duty-free access without quantitative restrictions to the United States market in order to improve competitiveness. . 

The argument that Trump's country gives to justify this ill-organized masquerade is the human rights and humanitarian situation they say is being trampled on in the NOSO. We can see that this crisis has obviously become the political bottom line of a certain Cameroonian opposition and its international allies.

I am surprised that a country that decides to kill an army general of another or that has spent its time over the years orchestrating heavy strikes against its adversaries without a United Nations intervention warrant by killing thousands be the first to campaign for the respect of human rights in Cameroon. It's just fun. So you understand that what they say is not true and the problem lies elsewhere. 

Here's the real reason. Cameroon, a particular country, one of the rare I would even say alone in the center of the world has always presented characteristics favorable to war. Our waters and our relief are suitable not only for military training also for war. Cameroon is therefore a strategic area with a complicated equation. This is why several foreign powers like France wanted to establish military bases there. 

After the construction of the deep water port of Kribi, the country of Uncle Sam detected a very deep and strategic area of ​​the sea. The latter dispatched one of his diplomats whose name you know, A famous deputy visibly friend of Cameroon's internal enemies to order Cameroon to cede to him this deep part of the sea in Kribi in order to place an UNDERWATER or a underwater military base to put it simply. Kribi is therefore very popular not only in the commercial field but also on a military level. After the discussion at the summit, the State of Cameroon opposes this unhealthy approach. Unable to attack a French precarré country as easily, The country of Uncle Sam trying to paralyze Cameroon decides to get it out of AGOA. 

It should be noted that this AGOA story does not bring us much and we can do without it. 

Only 2.6% of Cameroonian products were sold in the USA in 2018 according to the note on Cameroon's foreign trade from the National Institute of Statistics. According to the same institute, the USA is not one of the destinations popular with local exporters. Our main customers are China (22.2%) Italy (13.7%) the Netherlands (8.4%) France (5.9%) and Spain (5.9%). they acquired 77.5% of Cameroonian export products. So we can do without the United States. They don't bring us anything so grand that we blackmail ourselves. Cameroon is rich and can without them if the rulers decide to work well. 

Total support for the institutions of the Republic. Hold on, it will be fine.