Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Eviction of Paul Biya: the Ambazonians say no to BAS!

BAS's support for Field Marshall of the Lebialem Reds Dragons continues to spread much ink in Ambazonia.

Ambazonia's interim government communications chief Chris Anu said Field Marshall and BAS can't work together because they don't have the same goal. 

"Field Marshall and the Ambazonians can in no case work with the BAS, the two have different objectives: the BAS aiming to oust Paul Biya while Field Marshall and the Ambazonians are for the restoration of the independence of the Southern Cameroons. ", Says Chris Anu to Amba television..

For his part Mark Bareta, one of the great Ambazonian activists wants Chris Anu's response to the BAS to be more firm and precise: "I imagine that if the" Cameroonian "BAS had supported the ADF (Ambazonia Defense Force ) as she supported the Field Marshall Red Dragons calling for a union to overthrow Biya, Chris Anu would have exploded ... "wrote Mark Bareta on his Facebook page. 

What we can see is that the Ambazonians do not appreciate the BAS's raids brought to Field Marshall of the Reds Dragons of Lebialem.

Source: Dan Eboudou Essissima