Friday, January 10, 2020

Etoudi: Paul Biya challenges Donald Trump in front of diplomats

In response to the wishes of diplomats accredited to Cameroon, the head of state Paul Biya read a speech in which he denounced the rise of populist heads of state in the world. Without naming it clearly, Paul Biya denounces the strong protectionism of the United States and the controversial decisions of Donald Trump which do not favor the development of international trade.

"The international community must also provide solutions to the trade tensions between great powers which not only reduce world trade, but also thwart the development opportunities of our States. Likewise, particular attention must be paid to the increasingly manifest risk of calling into question the multilateralism which has so far enabled the human community to no longer experience conflict on a world scale. This questioning is unfortunately accompanied by the establishment, in certain countries, of "populist governments" which favor national solutions where the problems are global and common, "declared Paul Biya. 

Indeed, the Usa have in recent years taken trade sanctions against several countries including the European Union, China or Cameroon which has just been excluded from the Agoa free trade agreement.

This exclusion of Cameroon from the Ago partly justifies the pikes of President Paul Biya. To this must be added the particular interest that the Usa attach to the question of the English-speaking crisis and to the president of Mr Maurice Maurice Kamto.