Friday, January 31, 2020

Etoudi: first daughter, Brenda Biya advises women on money and se**

Brenda Biya feels more comfortable in the shoes of a web influencer than that of the student of the National School of Administration. The daughter of the President of the Republic known for his controversial publications on social networks has been talked about again this Thursday, January 30, 2022. Brenda Biya talks to us about money and sex.

"As a woman, having your own money will save you from having unnecessary sex," Brenda posted on Twitter. 

The Tweet of the daughter of the President of the Republic was variously appreciated by Internet users. If a good part of his followers dwelled on the definition of the concept "unnecessary sexual intercourse", many of them attack the author of the publication head on. 

Indeed, internet users believe that Brenda, having never worked for her own money, is ill-placed to give lessons to the millions of Cameroonian women who fight day and night to survive.

"Go sit at ENAM to have your own money after that you come back to give us morality lessons! Cordially ???? "Published a user. "When did you work for yourself?" Sorry to leave them. Adds another. 

The teasing ones accuse Branda Biya of having either given all the country's money to Wizkid (allusion made to the artist's concert in Etoudi) or to the American Taximan (who had refused to transport her).